"Forward and Not Forgetting" - How do Workers' Memories Impact International Solidarity?

Martin Seeliger
2016 Global Labour Journal  
<p>Collective remembering in multinational corporations is a field at the intersection of social memory studies and organisational science that has so far been widely neglected within the academic community. Drawing on empirical findings, this article analyses the impact of the organisational memories of South African workers' representatives in processes of cross-border coordination. What is found is that strong ties of international solidarity, dating from the 1970s and 1980s, serve as an
more » ... 0s, serve as an interpretative background against which today's situation (which is constituted through different frameworks such as the end of apartheid and economic globalisation) is evaluated critically.</p>
doi:10.15173/glj.v7i1.2597 fatcat:ug7sji2j65cnnmrtczdecxkgha