Environmental degradation of Modern non-balanced glasses

Teresa Palomar, Alexandra Rodrigues
2020 Ge-conservación  
Crizzling is an alteration pathology related to non-balanced glasses (high content of flux oxides and low content of stabilizer ones), which can produce an intense damage on glasses such as transparency losses, appearance of drops on the surface or cracking. In this work, two case studies (outdoor and indoor environment) were presented. It was observed that the main alteration agent for these glasses was the water (rain, condensation and environmental humidity). In the outdoor environment, the
more » ... ain washed away the [OH−] ions formed during the alteration; however, the exposure to cyclic conditions accelerated its alteration rate. In the indoor environment, the hygroscopicity of the glasses attracts the environmental humidity and produces the degradation.
doi:10.37558/gec.v17i1.690 fatcat:2boo7zrjivdb3czopce4t5ebyu