Petra Lokvencová, Karel Frömel, František Chmelík, Dorota Groffi, Viera Bebčáková
2011 Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn   unpublished
BACKGROUND: When it comes to physical activity, adolescents are the group at the highest risk. When monitoring physical activity in adolescents, it is necessary to diff erentiate school and weekend days. School days are crucial in adolescents' weekly physical activity. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study is to identify to what extent the school day and weekend physical activity levels diff er in Czech, Polish and Slovak boys and girls with diff erent cultural and education backgrounds in Central
more » ... ounds in Central Europe. METHODS: The research was carried out in the Czech Republic in Moravia (11 schools, 383 participants), in Po land in the Katowice region (11 schools, 327 participants) and in Slovakia in the Prešov region (8 schools, 252 par ticipants). In total, 421 boys and 541 girls participated in the study. Participants wore YAMAX pedometers for seven days and recorded measured values onto a record sheet and into the internet Indares system. The results were processed using repeated ANOVA analyses and contingent charts. RESULTS: Czech, Polish, and Slovak boys and girls showed a signifi cantly higher number of steps on school days than on weekend days. No diff erence between boys and girls was found on any day of the week in any of the states. The lowest number of steps was found, both in girls and boys, on Sundays. The highest number of daily steps was measured in Czech boys (n = 14,015 steps × day-1), Polish girls (n = 12,074 steps × day-1) and Slovakian girls (n = 12,040 steps × day-1) on Fridays. CONCLUSIONS: Boys and girls in all three states were more physically active on school days than on weekend days. Wearing pedometers eliminated the diff erences between weekly physical activity in boys and girls in the Czech Republic, Poland and in Slovakia. Under Central European conditions, it was proven that wearing pedometers positively infl uences physical activity in girls.