An Approach to Decrease Dimensions of Drift Hetero-Bopolar Transistors

Pankratov E.L, Bulaeva E.A
2014 International Journal on Computational Science & Applications  
In this paper based on recently introduced approach we formulated some recommendations to optimize manufacture drift bipolar transistor to decrease their dimensions and to decrease local overheats during functioning. The approach based on manufacture a heterostructure, doping required parts of the heterostructure by dopant diffusion or by ion implantation and optimization of annealing of dopant and/or radiation defects. The optimization gives us possibility to increase homogeneity of
more » ... neity of distributions of concentrations of dopants in emitter and collector and specific inhomogenous of concentration of dopant in base and at the same time to increase sharpness of p-n-junctions, which have been manufactured framework the transistor. We obtain dependences of optimal annealing time on several parameters. We also introduced an analytical approach to model nonlinear physical processes (such as mass-and heat transport) in inhomogenous media with time-varying parameters. KEYWORDS Drift heterobipolar transistor, analytical approach to model technological process, decreasing of dimensions of transistor 0 , , , = ∂ ∂ = z L z
doi:10.5121/ijcsa.2014.4503 fatcat:mui7c7ctrbdjxa7wgc5wqcfojy