Controlled Synthesis of Poly(amide)-b-Poly(ether) MultiblockCopolymers Having Monodisperse Hard Segment, and TheirApplication to TPE Materials

2019 Journal of The Adhesion Society of Japan  
Fig. 11 WAXD profiles left and POM images right of HS and PA-PEO block copolymers. Fig. 12 Shape memory effect of poly MAB --b-PEO film . Abstract This paper describes the efficient and powerful synthetic method of monodisperse oligoamide hard segment, and its application to multiblock copolymer synthesis. The SOCl with amide solvent activation reagent for dicarboxylic acid compounds was utilized for the controlled synthesis of the monodisperse oligoamide. The synthesis of well-defined
more » ... e was confirmed by GPC, NMR, and MALDI TOF-MS spectroscopy. The obtained hard segment was polymerized with PPO or PEG having amine functionalities at the both ends, affording the corresponding multiblock copolymers. The thermoplastic elastomeric properties were studied, and the shape memory effect was found on PEG-based materials. These polymer films also showed good moisture responsive behavior within just s upon exposing only one of its surfaces to humid air.
doi:10.11618/adhesion.55.143 fatcat:shxw5zoi3fe2dej63ox3lfkg5e