Hobbes' Theory oflntcrnational Society Hobbes' Theory of International Society

Dominika Klej
Considered to be one of England's most prominent philosophers of all time, Hobbes is recognized as one of the fathers of modern philosophy and political theory. 1 He was, "both the founder of this school and a principal contributor to the realist tradition." 2 In this realist tradition, he contributed to thought on security, human behavior, and the separation of ethics and politics. He was also very influential in idealist philosophy and law. 3 Literary critic Nolan J. Cathal once stated, "As
more » ... ntradictory as they are original, Hobbes' ideas are debated to this day." 4 Hobbes distinguished himself, gained immense recognition and inspired awe for centuries that followed. This was due in part to the meticulousness, originality, and inquisitiveness that characterized his works, but more so to the revolutionary ideas he advocated concerning the social contract, the Leviathan, government as well as the security dilemma. He continues to be regarded as the greatest classical figure of the contractarian tradition. 5