1D Numerical Model for Rivers Flows with Emergent Vegetations on Floodplains and Banks
정수식생이 존재하는 자연하도에서 1차원 수치모형

Ju-Il Song, Jong-Woo Kim, Chang-Soo Rim, Sei-Eui Yoon
2011 Journal of Korea Water Resources Association  
A 1D numerical model for steady flow, based on the energy equation, was developed for natural rivers with emergent vegetations on floodplains and banks. The friction slope was determined by the friction law of Darcy-Weisbach. The composite friction factor of the each cross section was calculated by considering bottom roughness of the main channel and the floodplains, the flow resistance of vegetations, the apparent shear stress and the flow resistance caused by the momentum transfer between
more » ... ransfer between vegetated areas and non-vegetated areas. The interface friction factor caused by flow interaction was calculated by empirical formulas of Mertens and Nuding. In order to verify the accuracy of the suggested model, water surface elevations were calculated by using imaginary compound channels and the results of calculations were compared with that of the HEC-RAS. The sensitivity analysis was performed to confirm changed friction factors by vegetations density etc. The suggested model was applied to the reach of the Enz River in Germany, and estimated water surface elevations of the Enz River were compared with measured water surface elevations. This model could acceptably compute not only water surface elevations with low discharge but also that with high discharge. So, the suggested model in this study verified the applicability in natural rivers with emergent vegetations.
doi:10.3741/jkwra.2011.44.1.9 fatcat:rxqokglgaze4ldb2mze36bwg4m