Performance of Hybrid Rice (Bio-453) In Variation of Spacing and Number of Seedling Per Hill

D Chowdhury, M Biswas, MNH Miah, P Mandal, MS Hossain
2020 Bangladesh Agronomy Journal  
Hybrid rice production can ensure to get more yields per unit land. The research work was carried out to evaluate the effect of number of seedling hill-1 and spacing on the growth and yield of hybrid rice line Bio-453. The experiment was laid out in a split-plot design with 3 replications at the field of Agronomy and Haor Agriculture Department of Sylhet Agricultural University, under the AEZ 20 in Kharif-II (Aman) season of 2013. Number of seedling hill-1 was assigned in the main plot and
more » ... spacing in the sub-plot. Two levels of seedling hill-1 viz. NS1 (1 seedling hill-1) and NS2 (2 seedlings hill-1) and five levels of plant spacing viz. Sp1 (15 cm X 15 cm), Sp2 (15 cm X 20 cm) and Sp3 (20 cm X 20 cm), Sp4 (20 cm X 25 cm) and Sp5 (20 cm X 30 cm) were the treatments. Number of seedling hill-1 and plant spacing showed significant effect in yield and yield contributing parameters except days to maturity, plant height, 1000-grain weight, total tillers hill-1, number of effective tillers hill-1, harvest index and grains panicle-1. Maximum grain yield (9.43 t ha-1), straw yield (16.27 t ha-1) and biological yield (25.70 t ha-1) were obtained from 1 seedling hill-1 (NS1) with the closest spacing 15 cm X 15 cm Therefore, one seedling hill-1 with 15 cm distance for plant and row to row distance could ensure maximum yield of hybrid rice line Bio-453. Bangladesh Agron. J. 2019, 22(1): 27-37
doi:10.3329/baj.v22i1.44928 fatcat:t2umsw2fbfhrhn2xkftymt6gl4