The Effect of Food Industry on Human Health

Namuundari Ganbat
2022 International journal of economics, business and management research  
We are living in a world where capital comes before anything else, which is called Capitalism. I agree that money has a huge role in our lives, but we all should be aware of our actions and the footprint we live on earth. We might not face the consequences on a daily basis, however if we continue putting unhealthy, unqualified food in our body, we will all suffer from severe diseases in a few decades and our next generation will have to live on an unsustainable planet that we have left for
more » ... Throughout all these years of heavy marketing humanity started to believe that whatever we see on an advertisement is what we should be doing, eating or using. Which clearly means we have no filter towards what society tries to put on our mind and how big corporations use our lives to run their business successfully. The problem is not only the system that is trying to control our life, it's also how we are not educated enough to make our own choices. When I say educated, I mean all the aspects of education, including emotional, physical and academic education. To be able to distinguish what is good and what is not for our health starts from opening our mind to different resources except social media and television. There is tons of evidence and indexes of effect on human health. If we all just try to have a different state of mind about food and understand how essential nutrition is in our body, everybody will live a long happy life. Since no one wants to spend the rest of their retirement going to the hospital and taking medicine just because the choices you made in your early years were not wise. Surely, nothing is perfect in this world, nevertheless I tried my best to make as much effort into the research and try to provide a comprehensive academic paper focused on the International economy and human health.
doi:10.51505/ijebmr.2022.6907 fatcat:v2evqmvztrcmbbhtlgohd4wvb4