Wrought Iron Pipes

1846 Scientific American  
28 NEW INVENTIONS. ---= ==-IMPROVEMENT IN THE MACHINE FOR MOWING AND REAPING GRAIN, &c.: By ALEXANDER M. WILSON, :lrd Sept., 184G. What he claims is making the heel of the cut ters rounded wllen a number of cutters are combined together on a wheel to cut grass or grain by the rotation and forward movement of the machine. He claims jointing the horse wheel to the forward part of the main frame, but back of the shaft of the cutting wheel, so as to have the horses placed forward and to the side of
more » ... the cutters in combination with a wheel o( cutters for cutting grain or grass, so that the cutters may follow the undulations of the ground independent of and not effected by the up and down movement of the horse. He claims the employment of the guide wheels in combination with the cutting and gathering wheel connected with its shaft, by means of curved or dished arms. And he claims in com bination with the curved cutters attached to and forming the cutting wheel, the rotating
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10171846-28e fatcat:x3h6weavsfajffbbgchulnq34a