miR-203 inhibits cell growth and regulates G1/S transition by targeting Bmi-1 in myeloma cells

Shun-Quan Wu, Wen-Yan Niu, Ya-Ping Li, Hao-Bo Huang, Rong Zhan
2016 Molecular Medicine Reports  
The oncogene B-cell-specific Moloney murine leukemia virus insertion site-1 (Bmi-1) is overexpressed in multiple myeloma (MM). Our previous study demonstrated that Bmi-1 silencing sensitized MM cells to bortezomib. Translational regulation has emerged as a prominent underlying mechanism of Bmi-1 regulation, particularly via microRNA targeting. The present study determined that Bmi-1 may be directly targeted by miR-203 using a luciferase assay. In addition, enforced expression of miR-203 led to
more » ... ignificant downregulation of Bmi-1 protein and mRNA expression levels. Furthermore, restoration of miR-203 significantly inhibited cell growth and G 1 /S transition in MM cells. miR-203 was downregulated in MM patients, and a negative correlation between the expression of miR-203 and Bmi-1 was observed. The results of the present study indicated that miR-203 exerts growth-inhibiting effects in MM through the suppression of Bmi-1 expression. In conclusion, the present study demonstrated that Bmi-1 is a direct functional target of miR-203 in MM.
doi:10.3892/mmr.2016.5832 pmid:27748826 fatcat:eelyhehmonak3kjwpyzm52bs7y