Kinetic Study of Hydroisomerization of n-Decane using Pt/SAPO-11 catalysts

Hayder Abdulkareem Aljandeel, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq, Hussein Qasim Hussein, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
2018 Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering  
The hydroisomerization of n-decane was studied on SAPO-11 catalyst. Catalyst of 0.25wt.%Pt/SAPO-11 was prepared locally and used in the present work. The hydroconversion performed in a continuous fixed-bed laboratory reaction unit. Experiments of ndecane isomerization were performed in a temperature range of 200 to 275°C,LHSV range of 0.5-2 h -1 , and hydrogen to decane mole ratio of 2.1-8.2. The results show that the n-decane conversion increases with increasing temperature and decreasing LHSV
more » ... , the maximum conversion 56.77 % was achieved at temperature 275°C and LHSV of 0.5 h -1 . The kinetic of n-decane isomerization was also studied and the reaction was first order. The kinetic analysis also showed that the activation energy equal to 61.1137 kJ/mol.
doi:10.31699/ijcpe.2018.3.2 fatcat:ozjh7ksz4zfzbfton34qpbknfy