Getting to NO: Theory and Evidence for Instrumental Negotiations

Krishnan S. Anand, Pnina Feldman, Maurice E. Schweitzer
2008 Social Science Research Network  
A substantial literature has examined negotiation problems. Throughout this literature, scholars have assumed that participants approach negotiations with the intent of reaching a deal and that negotiation participants cannot be signi...cantly harmed by the negotiation process. In this paper, we challenge these assumptions. We situations in which negotiators use the negotiation process to achieve goals other than reaching a potential agreement as instrumental negotiations. We explore
more » ... implications of this broader conceptualization of negotiations both theoretically and experimentally. We demonstrate that the mere possibility of encountering an instrumental negotiator signi...cantly changes Nash equilibria and actual behavior; some negotiators are harmed by instrumental negotiators and other negotiators reject sincere overtures to negotiate. The possibilty of instrumental negotiations signi...cantly harms pro...ts. We consider theoretical, prescriptive, and policy implications of these results.
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1127882 fatcat:44yzxclerbcj5o3v5yrpt3xqty