Local network determinants of spontaneously emerging cortical maps [article]

Tomer Fekete, David Omer, Amiram Grinvald, Cees van Leeuwen
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Spontaneously emerging cortical maps related to the functional architecture of visual cortex have been observed initially in anesthetized cats and, subsequently, in monkey, albeit only under certain anesthetic regimes, and not in the awake state. Here we propose a network model that can accommodate these diverse findings. The model identifies two crucial determinants for the emergence of spontaneous map-like activity - local balance between excitatory and inhibitory activity, and the strength
more » ... feature-specific synaptic connections (e.g. orientation, ocularity). Our model further shows that dynamically, map-like activity patterns could be triggered either by standing or travelling waves, a mode of operation which is determined by the spatial extent of lateral connections within a given network. Our results suggest that careful pharmacological intervention can unveil the prevalence of maps - recurring spatial patterns of inhomogeneous lateral connectivity - in cortex without the need to explicitly identify area specific optimal features.
doi:10.1101/764068 fatcat:ji34evagl5hijhiircxudmtzpa