Application of Contemporary Information Technologies in Nanotribometry

M. Eric, S. Mitrovic, M. Babic, F. Zivic, M. Pantic
2011 Tribology in Industry  
Relevant and timely information is of crucial importance in scientific investigations and understanding of the phenomena should be precise and explicit. Among other, phases of scientific investigations comprise data acquisition and their structuring into database and data warehouse, followed by their analysis in order to find laws and patterns and comparison with similar data. These activities are aimed at data to become information and for information to grow into knowledge and to further use
more » ... hat knowledge to formulate decisions and to anticipate future events and possibilities. However, simple analysis of information and responses to what already happened are not any longer satisfactory enough. Therefore, proactive approach is needed, that is technologies, skills and tools are needed that will assist in rapid decision making and forecasting. The paper presents architectures for data acquisition, developed databases and reporting, as well as, contemporary information technologies used for tribological investigations in area of nanotribometry.
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