Highly stable MXene (V2CTx)-based harmonic pulse generation

Weichun Huang, Chunyang Ma, Chao Li, Ye Zhang, Lanping Hu, Tingting Chen, Yanfeng Tang, Jianfeng Ju, Han Zhang
2020 Nanophotonics  
AbstractMXene as a novel two-dimensional (2D) material exhibits a lot of advantages in nonlinear optics. However, the common MXene, Ti3C2Tx and Ti2CTx nanosheets, easily suffer from degradation under ambient conditions, greatly limiting their practical applications. Here, we demonstrated one of MXene compounds, V2CTx, which has a strong modulation depth (nearly 50%), can serve as an excellent saturable absorber (SA) in passively mode-locked (PML) fiber lasers. More importantly, 206th harmonic
more » ... der has been successfully generated in Er-doped mode-locked fiber laser, exhibiting maximum repetition rate of 1.01 GHz and pulse duration of 940 fs, which to the best of our knowledge, is the highest harmonic mode-locked fiber laser from the MXene SA so far. In addition, the high harmonic order mode-locked operation can maintain at least 24 h without any noticeable change, suggesting MXene V2CTx nanosheets have excellent stability in this mode-locked fiber laser. It is anticipated that the present work can pave the way to new design for MXene-based heterostructures for high-performance harmonic mode-locked lasers.
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2020-0134 fatcat:o5l3l73idjhhfnocp4w4u7tg2m