Autism spectrum disorder is associated with multifold risks in the process of pregnancy: Imbalance of nutritional, environmental and social behavioral aspects

Eileen Owan, Diane E Heck, Hong Duck Kim
2022 GSC Advanced Research and Reviews  
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterized by qualitative impairments in social interaction, communication, and stereotyped behavior patterns. The cost burden for health coverage for ASD is focused on educational applied behavioral analysis and psychotropic drugs to decrease maladaptive behaviors and support learning and development. Determinants of either risk factors or prevention related to ASD covering environmental, social-behavioral, and genetic are still unknown. This review focuses
more » ... on the multifold risks of Autistic disorder (ASD), including environmental, genetic, and food supplemental concerns and health policies and regulations.
doi:10.30574/gscarr.2022.13.1.0255 fatcat:ujxxup7pufgyfbqvhrvihktcca