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Stephen Merson, Stephen Merson, Stephen Merson
Dedication As is always the case of a lecturer, I would like this dedication to be presented in three parts. Without question this work is dedicated to my family without whose support, it would never be possible. My wife Nikki has always pushed me to achieve greatness and made me aspire to be the man I could be. She is my inner voice that tells me never quit, always move forward, I will always be proud regardless. The second part of my dedication goes to all the adjunct professors who serve as
more » ... he backbone of so many colleges and universities but receive little recognition for their efforts and little compensation for their sacrifices. This dissertation is a testament to their casting off obstacles and reaching for a higher level of achievement that ultimately benefits their students to whom they pledge their professional lives. Rarely mentioned in political speeches within the class of teachers, it is the adjunct that probably provided a significant amount of training and knowledge to that politician, who has forgotten from whom the knowledge came. Fight on my colleagues, better times are ahead. Finally, to the Bethlehem Starbucks on Shoenersville Road that provided a quiet place for me to work, and a staff that tended to my every need for iced tea and cookies. My completion of this research and my nutrition was their investment in my future. They receive little credit for all those writers and researchers they take care of, but their enthusiasm also played a part in this dissertation. Thank you all! Acknowledgments This research and the resulting dissertation would not have been possible without the continued support, and friendship, of the members of my committee. To my chair Dr. Judith McKay who has provided a continued source of strength and somehow knew how to handle the emotional misgivings and shadows of this 'seasoned' student. Her steady hand and advice kept me moving forward not allowing him to fall into the abys of doubt and academic fear. Dr. Dustin Berna has been a source of many things over these years from teacher, to colleague to friend. He was full of surprises during class, and sometimes outside of class that kept this academic adventure fresh and challenging. To those on the outside who were witness to some of our exchanges, I think we really do like each other despite what you may have perceived. He has always been there when I was fearful. Dr. Jason Campbell. A new comer while I had been at Nova for a while, your classes and advice gave me new perspectives from which to view not only this work, but also my own lectures given over my past twenty five years as an educator. Your embracing of your topic encourages students to achieve their best and to see things from many other perspectives leading to a more informed society. Dr. Michele Rice, how many discussions have we had about this work and just our lives in general. Your help on this project deserves more appreciation than can be written on a single page, and as you know in my case a single page is an impossibility anyway. You taught me how to present things in a way that others can understand, you brought me out of academic shell that tends to insulate us from our students and lessens their capacity to absorb what we offer to them in the classroom. Finally, Dean Yang. How many years has it been since we first met and you told me you thought my work was 'interesting.' Your simple word made my academic life at Nova meaningful and productive. We have shared many ideas and many possibilities and