Study on Chemical Profile and Neuroprotective Activity of Myrica rubra Leaf Extract

Pinghong Chen, Xianzong Lin, Ching-Hsu Yang, Xu Tang, Yu-Wei Chang, Weibing Zheng, Lianzhong Luo, Changan Xu, Yung-Husan Chen
2017 Molecules  
The chemical profile of Myrica rubra (a native species in China) leaf extract was investigated by UPLC-PDA-HRMS, and the neuroprotective activity of two characteristic constituents, myricanol and myricetrin, was evaluated with N2a cells using H 2 O 2 -inducedoxidative challenge through a series of methods, e.g., MTT assay, ROS assay and [Ca 2+ ]i assay. Among the 188 constituents detected in the extract of Myrica rubra leaf, 116 were identified definitely or tentatively by the comprehensive
more » ... ization of precise molecular weight and abundant multistage fragmentation information obtained by quadrupole orbitrap mass spectrometry. In addition, 14 potential new compounds were reported for the first time. This work established an example for the research of microconstituents in a complex analyte and revealed that suppression of H 2 O 2 -induced cytotoxicity in N2a cells was achieved by the pretreatment with myricanol. The evidence suggested myricanol may potentially serve as a remedy for prevention and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases induced by oxidative stress.
doi:10.3390/molecules22071226 pmid:28737731 fatcat:gy6qpxiv25gltb4vwzngeeov4q