Use of Different Types of Fertilizers in Cucurbitaceae Family

Jyo ti, Lovpreet Singh, Jatinder Singh
2019 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
Acceptable fertilization of cucurbits has several advantages in terms of uniform growth, and seedling vigor, in literature there is lot of evidence that these plants have proficient processes to repair various kinds of nutritional stresses. Yet it is most significant and foremost decisions that which source (fertilizer) is to be used, when to apply fertilizer and what should the quantity of the fertilizer. Requirement of fertilizer is variable according to type of cultivation i.e. field and
more » ... ected cultivation. Application of fertilizer under open field conditions involves of a basic dose and it is before sowing and during cultivation 1-3 side dressings are required, whereas continuous application of fertilizers should be there under protected cultivation system. Recently a new tendency has been noted, is the increasing attention in environmental preservation and an extending programme toward organic and sustainable agriculture. Application of organic fertilizer alone or in combination with bio fertilizer + inorganic fertilizers, are studies in organic ecosystems are normally long-term and consequently our present understanding is still in its infancy.
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2019.806.225 fatcat:k6kmvjelhrhrlgekrxjyggkljq