The Ethical Perceptions of Elementary School Teachers in the Triple Perspective of Classification of Ethics

Sıtar Keser, İbrahim Kocabaş, Ramazan Yirci
2013 Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry  
The ethical classification that forms the basis for this research uses a triple classification slightly different from the traditional approaches: "Consistency", "Results" and "Caring". With this classification it is stated that in handling the actions with an ethical approach, all three aspects are necessary. This study was conducted as a qualitative research and interview method was used to collect the research data. Study group consists of 10 volunteer elementary school teachers. The
more » ... achers. The findings of the study reveal that the teachers who took part in this research took into consideration each of the factors "consistency", "results" and "caring" sometimes singly, sometimes two of them together or sometimes three of them together. In addition, it is possible to indicate that different factors come to the forefront in different incidents that have similar characteristics, indicating that in this sense there is not a simple or single ethical stance in operation. From an ethical point of view, our actions are also influenced by our society's norms, from the principles that come into existence over time and from the roles that we assume in the social domain
doi:10.17569/tojqi.39773 doaj:be65a92cafae4e39ad233094eb0feedf fatcat:dwefuob67bexvjj4uo36ndtkiy