Self-concept of Teachers - Suggestions for Self-evaluation and Research
Učitelské sebepojetí - podněty k auto-evaluaci a výzkumu

Hana Lukášová
2017 e-Pedagogium  
Teachers constitute their profession on their professional qualities allowing them to perform self-evaluation, i.e. conscious processes of professional self-control and selfassessment in the dimensions of their won self-concept. Next to reflection of lesson preparation, realisation and evaluation processes, these processes of conscious selfevaluation of their own professional self-concept are very important for the professional performance. The study text will list and define deeper inner
more » ... deeper inner variables of teachers' self-concept that will be starting points for conscious self-evaluation. The study is to contribute to the current search for requirements of the profession also in relation to the future development of the concept of the teaching profession and teachers' training in the Czech Republic. The study should also contribute to the development of pedeutology, i.e. it should contribute to the development of the theory of the teaching profession in the field of teachers' professional self-concept. The study can be a basis for pedagogical theory and practice in the field of teachers' self-reflection and selfregulation. Obtained results of the pedagogical research in the field of teachers' selfefficacy will be recorded and interpreted. New suggestions for the field of questions for self-evaluation will be articulated for the future. The main objective of the study will be to provide suggestions for self-evaluation for teachers, future teachers as well as those interested in the teaching profession studying other majors and to motivate them for pedagogical research in to this field.
doi:10.5507/epd.2017.005 fatcat:ppw44w57uvcn3ihhqodu7wcvym