Indonesian High School Students' Beliefs about the Use of Information and Communication Technology for Language Learning

Antonius Suratno, Emilia Aydawati
This paper is a report of a project investigating the ICT gadgets in a survey study involving students of Senior High Schools in Central Java, Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to investigate how ICT particularly useable for language learning is perceived and to find out how the research subjects have made use of the technological gadgets for language learning-related activities. The study employs a quantitative method by which data were garnered from questionnaire surveys involving 400
more » ... spondents. The results of the SPSS-assisted analysis suggest that the respondents perceive the ICT for language learning positively and that, overall, respondents have frequently used them for various day-today in-school and outside-school activities. Another finding also suggests majority of respondents admit that they have used the gadgets for various learning-related activities despite less so for learning English. This, as a result, brings with it an implication on the English language teachers, schools and educational policy makers to consider finding way out of maximizing the technological gadgets for learning and teaching as well as integrating the technology into a more purposeful language learning and teaching purposes.