Prediction of Climate Risk Management in Infrastructure Projects

Risk Management in Construction Project is playing important role to achieve successes of the Project. Risk is in everywhere and every project particularly in construction has innumerable risks occurring before construction and during construction period. Most of the risks are repeatedly occurring but the impact & probability of risk is varying. However, the climate risk may lead to impact the Time, Cost and losing an opportunity Cost of the project. This study is to create a model for risk
more » ... collection, risk analysis, risk interpretation with the combination of project schedule and cost, India climate is varying from states to states especially the annual number of raining days different from 10 to 130 days throughout India and its impact the construction schedule 3% to 36% on average, Temperature is verifying for winter (0C to 25C) and summer (25C to 50C) is also impact the productivity of project this will reflected in the Project Cost 1% to 10% on average. The History of Climate we can identify the Climate Risk, Environment Risk, impact the time and Cost. However, this paper is measuring and handling risks to help for upcoming construction projects.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.k1041.09811s219 fatcat:mo7cqkxxczf53gozy7udwbja6i