Reliability Index for Twitter – Twitter Handles' Credibility Assessment

Kartik Sharma
2018 Helix  
Social networks have attained a vital place in everyone's lives by emerging as the accustomed means for social interaction among people as well as the primary medium for dissemination of information. Accordingly, these platforms also bear the responsibility of such information being reliable and authentic. In order to endorse such information, the social networks need to vet the sources of such information which in turn means to remove or flag potentially fake accounts as well as automated bot
more » ... ccounts. A social network's trustworthiness is directly proportional to its efficiency in spotting malicious accounts. In this paper, we propose a fresh approach to assign a reliability measure to every single account on Twitter. In order to compute an account's reliability measure, we factor in certain parameters which are paramount in ascertaining any twitter account's trustworthiness along with their weightage which varies for every such parameter.
doi:10.29042/2018-4094-4099 fatcat:tbjoiqgnvbe63hjkhva6jmt3wu