Recent Advances in Processing of Ag-Clad Bi-2223 Superconductors [chapter]

U. Balachandran, M. Lelovic, T. Deis, N. G. Eror, P. Haldar, V. Selvamanickam
1998 Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials  
Enhancements in the transport current properties of long lengths of multifilament Ag-sheathed (Bi,Pb)2SrzCa2Cu30, (Bi-2223) superconducting tapes were made as a function of increased packing density of precursor powder, improved mechanical deformation, and adjusted cooling rate. Improved processing parameters had a pronounced effect on the transport critical current (Ic) of the superconducting tapes. At 77 K and zero applied magnetic field, an IC of 60 A was obtained in short length samples (4
more » ... m), an IC of 54 A in a 164 m length, and 18 A in a 1,260 m length. These enhancements were based on the increase in packing density accompanied with improved mechanical deformation and cooling schedule. Maximum critical current values were two to three times higher in slow-cooled tapes than in fast-cooled tapes.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4757-9056-6_69 fatcat:s47cg5hjrjh3hhsipii5vu5bzm