and Government Regulation No. 73 of 2005 on Regional

Satu Studi, Di Desa, Karegesan Kecamatan, Kauditan Kabupaten, Minahasa Utara, Nanda Agnesya, Weenas Daicy, Rully Lengkong, Mambo
2008 unpublished
The figure of the professional and leadership required to properly master the job exceeds the average of existing employees, as well as having high moral commitment on its work in accordance with the code of ethics profession as a leader. Leader / Leadership is a subject that should encourage community participation in development through the demands and suggestions and effective decision-making to the people to achieve development goals. village. One village chief authority is to foster the
more » ... e of the villagers. Coaching is one very important element in the process of infrastructure development for the community, be it guidance for the village and for the people. The purpose of the Infrastructure Development is better to change the lives of villagers. In practice, the village chief to use the concept of awareness and willingness of the people themselves to participate and assist the government in rural development better.