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1909 The Analyst  
1908.-The total number of samples taken during the year in England and Wales under the Sale of Food and Drugs Act was 95,249, including 44,396 samples of milk and 20,196 samples of butter. I n Scotland the total number of samples analysed was 8,827; of these, 4,282 were milk and 1,716 were butter. As in previous reports (see ANALYST, 1909, 79), tables are given showing the number of samples, both genuine and adulterated, analysed during 1908 in each county and borough in England, Wales, and
more » ... and, Wales, and Scotland. One thousand nine hundred and twenty samples were taken by officers of His Majesty's Customs at various ports. These samples included 1,169 samples of butter, 38 of milk, 120 of condensed milk, 77 of cream, and 508 of margarine. The Report gives figures which justify the view that, especially in Scotland, informal samples afford a truer indication of the amount of adulteration in existence than do formal samples. For instance, about 10 per cent. of all samples taken formally were found to be adulterated, but in the case of informal samples 21 per cent. were adulterated. Several suggestions were received by the Board to the effect that the law should be amended so as to prohibit the sale of milk containing less than certain percentages of fat and solids-not-fat. I t is considered that any change adopted should enforce the prohibition by some means other than criminal proceedings, and that the change should be made part of a general amendment of the law relating to the sale of milk. The following numbers of factories were registered up to December 31, 1908, under the Butter and Margarine Act, 1907: Butter factories, 159; margarine factories, 30; factories of mixtures of butter and milk, 12. Various samples were taken at these factories by the inspectors, and a certain number were found to contain excess of water; the Board did not institute proceedings in any of the cases, but cautioned the manufacturers. Thirty-two fancy names for mixtures of butter with milk were approved. The total number of registered fancy names for margarine is now 2,384. The total number of samples of fertilisers analysed during the year was 1,477, and of feeding stuffs 1,934; 248 samples of fertilisers and 325 samples of feeding stuffs were reported to be of unsatisfactory quality, etc., and 42 applications were made for the Board's advice as to the institution of proceedings. In twelve cmes proceedings were taken, ten convictions being obtained, whilst two of the cases were dismissed. The contraventions in relation to which fines were inflicted cornprised shoddy manure deficient in nitrogen, compound manure deficient in nitrogen and potash, barley-meal containing maize meal, shudes consisting of sawdust and gypsum, pollards containing gypsum, feeding-cakes deficient in albuininoids, etc.
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