An Outward-Wave-Favouring Finite Element-Based Strategy for Exterior Acoustical Problems

C. S. Jog
2013 International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration  
This work presents a finite element-based strategy for exterior acoustical problems based on an assumed pressure form that favours outgoing waves. The resulting governing equation, weak formulation, and finite element formulation are developed both for coupled and uncoupled problems. The developed elements are very similar to conventional elements in that they are based on the standard Galerkin variational formulation and use standard Lagrange interpolation functions and standard Gaussian
more » ... dard Gaussian quadrature. In addition and in contrast to wave envelope formulations and their extensions, the developed elements can be used in the immediate vicinity of the radiator/scatterer. The method is similar to the perfectly matched layer (PML) method in the sense that each layer of elements added around the radiator absorbs acoustical waves so that no boundary condition needs to be applied at the outermost boundary where the domain is truncated. By comparing against strategies such as the PML and wave-envelope methods, we show that the relative accuracy, both in the near and far-field results, is considerably higher.
doi:10.20855/ijav.2013.18.1317 fatcat:wbjofzvgjrcdvika76glysg7be