Ship's Operational Speed on the Planned Ocean Route in Real Weather Conditions

Tadeusz Szelangiewicz, Katarzyna Żelazny
2018 New Trends in Production Engineering  
While operating the ship, one of the most important tasks is forecasting the ocean route. For this purpose, the speed characteristics of the ship are used, which are used in specialized computer systems and presented in publications. However, published algorithms for speed (or decrease of speed) calculations of a ship in real weather conditions on given routes are very simplified and do not contain all the relevant parameters related to the ship's hull (affecting its resistance when sailing, eg
more » ... ce when sailing, eg on waves), its propulsion and weather conditions. The article presents its own, more detailed mathematical model of the speed of the ship, and the performed calculations of speed of the ship were compared with the algorithms available in the literature and with the records from the ship's log.
doi:10.2478/ntpe-2018-0020 fatcat:6iidp2kyjfdcxgyvbr4rrvjhim