Evidence for involvement of an RNA primer in initiation of strong-stop plus DNA synthesis during reverse transcription in vitro

C A Omer, R Resnick, A J Faras
1984 Journal of Virology  
Employing enzymatic reactions in vitro, we have identified the presence of oligoribonucleotides at the 5' end of strong-stop plus [(+)] DNA. Similar results were obtained whether the strong-stop (+) DNA was synthesized by preparations of detergent-disrupted avian sarcoma virus or reconstructed reactions containing purified reverse transcriptase and a template that mimics the purported natural template for strong-stop (+) DNA synthesis. The latter reactions provide a system to delineate more
more » ... isely the discrete requirements necessary for the initiation and synthesis of this species of (+) DNA.
doi:10.1128/jvi.50.2.465-470.1984 fatcat:bvlvacjnrnehffb6pfddjc5muu