Progress Report on the Advanced Large-Area Plastic Scintillators (ALPS) Project [report]

David V Jordan, Bruce D Geelhood, Paul L Reeder, Daniel L Stephens, Richard A Craig, Justin I McIntyre
2003 unpublished
The U.S. Department of Energy tasked Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to investigate possible technological avenues for substantially advancing the state-of-the-art in gamma detection via large-area plastic scintillators. This letter report describes progress to date on this project. Early phases of the project, which commenced in January 2003, have focused on (1) quantifying the light-collection efficiency in plastic scintillator sheets as a function of photomultiplier tube positioning
more » ... edge-area coverage, (2) developing a conceptual design for a demonstration sensor, and (3) conducting initial laboratory setup and preliminary experiments using relatively small plastic scintillators for readout technique development and benchmarking of the modeling studies. iii
doi:10.2172/15010207 fatcat:yf7zgukllnasdijokfyqqzsodu