Pedagogical Aspects of Teaching, Learning, Assessing the Reading-Writing Elements for Primary School

Olga Chis, Claudia Doina Grec
2016 unpublished
The acquirement and automaticity of reading and writing skills represent two main activities of the pupils in the early years of schooling, with a considerable implications on the child development and also on his school performances. These qualities are fundamental in the society we live and a normal development for a future adult. Difficulties that may occur in the attainment of these skills, and their persistence, draw teachers attention due to the pedagogical issues raised by these
more » ... . The extension of reading and writing disorders can and will lead to negative effects on the development of pupil's personality. Alongside specialists in the education field, the teacher is the one and only, who can intervene through many appropriate teaching strategies and methods to overcome the encountered learning difficulties for every child. This paper presents a case study regarding these learning difficulties, control methods and ways of behavior accepted from the teacher's side.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2016.12.22 fatcat:a2p2jjvzgzg5zge6te7nx5gsne