Real-time digital signal recovery for a low-pass transfer function system with multiple complex poles [post]

Jhinhwan Lee
2018 unpublished
In order to solve the problems of waveform distortion and signal delay by many physical and electrical systems with linear low-pass transfer characteristics with multiple complex poles, a general digital-signal-processing (DSP)-based method of real-time recovery of the original source waveform from the distorted output waveform is proposed. From the convolution kernel representation of a multiple-pole low-pass transfer function with an arbitrary denominator polynomial with real valued
more » ... ts, it is shown that the source waveform can be accurately recovered in real time using a particular moving average algorithm with real-valued DSP computations only, even though some or all of the poles are complex. The proposed digital signal recovery method is DC-accurate and unaffected by initial conditions, transient signals, and resonant amplitude enhancement. The noise characteristics of the data recovery shows inverse of the low-pass filter characteristics. This method can be applied to most sensors and amplifiers operating close to their frequency response limits or around their resonance frequencies to accurately deconvolute the multiple-pole characteristics and to improve the overall performances of data acquisition systems and digital feedback control systems.
doi:10.20944/preprints201807.0388.v1 fatcat:2e2sgtshyre2tehaf4ilugcacy