Papers on combinatorial chemistry or solid-phase synthesis from other journals - February 2000

2000 Combinatorial Chemistry  
N,N-diethanolaminomethyl polystyrene: an efficient solid support to immobilize boronic acids. Hall, D.G.; Tailor, J.; Gravel, M. Angew. Chem., (1999), 38 (20) , 3064-3067. A strategy for macrocyclic ring closure and functionalization aimed toward split-pool syntheses. Lee, D.; Sello, J.K.; Schreiber, S.L. Solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis with tris(alkoxy)benzyl amine (BAL) safety-catch anchoring. Tolborg, JF.; Jensen, K.
doi:10.1016/s1464-3383(04)80056-3 fatcat:quendgjx35dv7frsqzb6zkvseu