Iskandar Agung
2018 Perspektif Ilmu Pendidikan  
Regulations require teachers to meet the teaching burden of at minimum 24 hours / week and maximum 40 hours /week. However, in fact, for minimal hour's teaching, still many teachers who have not been able to fulfill it. The fulfillment of minimum obligations is a requirement for teachers to obtain Professional Teacher Allowances (TPG). Various ways have been attempted by interested parties, but the issue of teacher teaching hours is still problems. The fulfillment effort merely in terms of
more » ... ity, has not led to quality. For what teachers are forced to fulfill the obligation of teaching hours, e.g. by looking at other schools, being in the duties of the main school still indicates the achievement of the students' inadequate learning outcomes? Naturally if the fulfillment of obligations is not only in terms of quantity, but also quality. This means that the need to find an alternative fulfillment of teaching hours is functioning as a driver to improve the quality of teachers, so that a positive impact on improving student learning outcomes. With regard to the latter description that this paper is presented, that is to say, alternative thinking about the provisions of teaching hours teachers.
doi:10.21009/pip.321.5 fatcat:slh3aoelmbg3fhflhqqkctm5dq