1922 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
One of the problems of treating fractures of the metacarpals and phalanges is the obtaining of proper traction. The ordinary straight splint does not suffice, as its proximal Fig. 1.-Roentgenogram taken after application of splint. end cannot be fixed properly. We must have an appliance that will allow constant, even traction and naturally give the most comfortable dressing. The splint here described is made of cast aluminum, is very light, and does not interfere with the taking of satisfactory
more » ... ing of satisfactory roentgenograms (Fig. 1 ). It also allows fluoroscopic examinations. All these points are of great value. The body of the splint extends upward on the forearm and conforms with the contour of the wrist and proximal half of the palm. A palm piece which extends the whole width of the palm with ears on each side prevents abduction and Fig. 2.-Splint applied to all fingers. Fig. 3.-Splint applied to one finger. adduction of the hand (Fig. 2) . The palm piece is notched so that it prevents lateral movement of the finger pieces. A threaded hole goes through the palm piece at the various positions of the finger splints, and accommodates a thumb screw which holds them in position (Figs. 2 and 3) . The finger splints are slightly concave and have a post at the distal end. This post allows the adhesive loop to go around it and furnishes the one point of fixation (Fig. 3) for the traction. The proximal half of the finger splint is slotted so that it allows free movement of the splint. The proximal end is turned down in such a manner as to allow the surgeon a firm point to apply the traction (Fig. 3) . When the desired traction is obtained, the thumb screw is tightened (Fig. 3) . On the body of the splint there are two sets of grooves to admit the thumb splint. This allows the splint to be used for either hand (Fig. 3) . Another great advantage of the splint is that whatever finger splints are not needed may be removed (Fig. 3) .
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