Spectroscopic Observations of BF Cygni

C. C. Huang, L. Chen
1991 Publications Astronomical Society of Australia  
Spectroscopic observations of BF Cygni performed at the Haute-Provence Observatory in 1981 August, October and November are presented. The spectrum of BF Cyg was dominated by strong emission lines of H I, He I, [O III] and [Ne III]. Emission lines of He II and N III were weak. The spectrum of the star displayed dramatic variations during our observations. The intensities of Balmer lines, Balmer continuum and He I lines clearly increased from August to October, while the lines of [Ne III] and [O III] showed inverse variability.
doi:10.1017/s1323358000024206 fatcat:t6tkjebf5rh27afdjnaa4aqjg4