Study of Particle Interactions and Cross Sections for Modeling Energy Deposition and Cell Response(INNOVATIVE BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES and INFORMATICS, BMFSA2008)

Yusuke UOZUMI, Katashi KIYOHARA, Yohei FUKUDA, Kamrun NAHER, Hiroki IWAMOTO, Yusuke KOBA, Yoshinori FUKUI, Genichiro WAKABAYASHI, Masahiro NAKANO
2010 International journal of biomedical soft computing and human sciences  
rt4icroscopic interactions hetween particles and tissue elements }vere investigated to prediet biologicalphenomena in the cell response bj, the eneFgy tranE12in Calculated results were detnonstrated on cross sections and enengy-angular distributions of seconclai:y particle productions. 77ie fiz(x of terrestrial neutrons was also investigatedfor a stucly ofthe error rate ofan imptantable device.
doi:10.24466/ijbschs.15.2_49 fatcat:5zqfo6nuirbn7nokrkco4jt2o4