Critical phenomena in hyperbolic space

Karim Mnasri, Bhilahari Jeevanesan, Jörg Schmalian
2015 Physical Review B  
In this paper we study the critical behavior of an N-component ϕ^4-model in hyperbolic space, which serves as a model of uniform frustration. We find that this model exhibits a second-order phase transition with an unusual magnetization texture that results from the lack of global parallelism in hyperbolic space. Angular defects occur on length scales comparable to the radius of curvature. This phase transition is governed by a new strong curvature fixed point that obeys scaling below the upper
more » ... critical dimension d_uc=4. The exponents of this fixed point are given by the leading order terms of the 1/N expansion. In distinction to flat space no order 1/N corrections occur. We conclude that the description of many-particle systems in hyperbolic space is a promising avenue to investigate uniform frustration and non-trivial critical behavior within one theoretical approach.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.92.134423 fatcat:dn4wg5lquff6rhtkymyb5tr6di