Non-commutative Yang–Mills in IIB matrix model

Hajime Aoki, Nobuyuki Ishibashi, Satoshi Iso, Hikaru Kawai, Yoshihisa Kitazawa, Tsukasa Tada
2000 Nuclear Physics B  
We show that twisted reduced models can be interpreted as noncommutative Yang-Mills theory. Based upon this correspondence, we obtain noncommutative Yang-Mills theory with D-brane backgrounds in IIB matrix model. We propose that IIB matrix model with D-brane backgrounds serve as a concrete definition of noncommutative Yang-Mills. We investigate D-instanton solutions as local excitations on D3-branes. When instantons overlap, their interaction can be well described in gauge theory and AdS/CFT
more » ... eory and AdS/CFT correspondence. We show that IIB matrix model gives us the consistent potential with IIB supergravity when they are well separated.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(99)00633-1 fatcat:xl24hz6q4rgqhnc4oo6a7qpp64