Observasi Klinik Pemberian Aroma Pandan Wangi Terhadap Tekanan Darah Pasien Hipertensi

Mukti Priastomo, Riska Putri Patila Sau, Jaka Fadraersada
2018 Jurnal Sains dan Kesehatan  
Pandanus leaves has a distinctive flavor that from essential oils. The essential oil content of pandanus leaves consists of 6 -42 % sesquiterpenes hydrocarbons, 6% monoterpenes of linalool and 10% aromatic compounds of 2-acetyl-1 pyrroline. Essential oil compounds of pandanus leaves provide a relaxing effect on hypertensive patients. This research aims to determine the characteristics, patterns of treatment and effect of giving aroma from pandanus leaves to blood pressure on hypertensive
more » ... s in Puskesmas Sempaja Samarinda. The research method used is experimental quasy. The procedures in this study used the pretest and the posttest. Characteristic and pattern of treatment data collection was done retrospectively and got the highest percentage of sex is women as much as 55,36%. Age with the highest percentage was middle age of 57.14%. The most consumed drug is amlodipine as much as 75.45%. The results of the analysis of the giving aroma from pandanus leaves before and after the aroma was decreased at the sistol pressure of 7.5 mmHg, at diastol pressure of 1.1 mmHg and decrease in heart rate as much as 3.1 bpm. The conclusion of this research is that women suffer more hypertension, the highest age of hypertension is middle age and the most consumed drug is amlodipine. The result of aroma from pandanus leaves can lower blood pressure and heart rate.
doi:10.25026/jsk.v1i10.98 fatcat:ojest5fyurbbpfekvynkufnloy