Lalit Kumar, Gourav Agghi, Nishant Malik, Ajay Anand
Android is a software stack for mobile device that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The research plan involves essentially surveying the policies of the android operating system, including scheduling, memory management, multitasking on android, newest android versions. Smartphones devices such as Samsung, and those supporting android operating system are progressively making an impact on the society. Primarily the research paper examine how the android OS differs
more » ... om the Linux2.6 upon which it was based, though if time permits, the research paper plan to compare stress tests between android and other OS. In addition to their support for voice and text exchange, smart phones are capable of executing sophisticated embedded software applications, as well as provide a simple link to the Internet and its resources. The first android is launched in HTC dream (GI) which is even far good then other operating systems at that time. The history of the android OS. The different versions launched by the "GOOGLE" for android OS till 2014 and new versions which will be launched in next year.