HyMUSE: a multi-model framework for Hydrology

Inti Pelupessy, Niels Drost, Rolf Hut, Jerome Aerts, Simon Portegies Zwart, Arjen van Elteren, Gijs van den Oord, Ben van Werkhoven, Stevan Verhoeven, Berend Weel
2019 Zenodo  
Talk presented at EGU 2019. We present the Hydrological Multipurpose Software Environment (HyMUSE), a Python framework for Hydrological model simulations, that will form part of the computational core of the eWaterCycle project. The eWaterCycle II project aims to develop a platform for researchers to easily develop and use hydrological models and deploy them on HPC resources. HyMUSE is being developed at the Netherlands eScience Center using technology developed in the AMUSE and OMUSE projects,
more » ... which where developed for the astrophysical and oceanographic domains.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3357683 fatcat:rd5bwzuwgva5rfe6o7i4m4khhm