Physiological Miracle of the Qur'an

Hussain Sayyed, Ummidyani
The miracle of the Qur'an has been an interesting issue for scientists and the recent Qur'anic researches' stream has focused on the scientific miracles of the Quran in various sciences. In this paper, firstly, the conceptualism of scientific miracle has been discussed and that has been defined as "prediction of those scientific facts that have not been predicted prior to the Qur'an and have been discovered afterwards" and then it has been studied inter-disciplinarily between the exegesis and
more » ... the exegesis and physiological science and some of the Qur'anic verses that were related to the physiological facts have been discovered and analyzed by this science years after. In this manner, many instances of physiological miracle such as the speed of light in the Qur'an, lowest point on the earth, pairs of everything and gravitational force have been realized after having discussed these inter-disciplinarily in a profound manner as the physiological miracle of the Qur'an.