An Analysis of the Customer Experiences, Customer Involvement To Develop an Innovative Product and its impact on the Organization Performance in Apparel Industry

H Nishantha Ekanayake, Kennedy Gunawardana
2017 International Journal Of Advanced Research in Engineering & Management (IJAREM)   unpublished
Introduction Today Apparel industry has become very diversify and innovative industry in the world, apparel products being used by virtually everybody. Apparel sector regards as ‗Traditional Industry‖ it's considered labor-intensive and provides employment to millions of people. Especially countries, such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, and Vietnam have experienced higher growth in this industry (Chakrabarty, 2014) . This study is an analysis of customer experiences, customer involvement
more » ... tomer involvement in develop an innovative product and its impact related to Performance of ABC Group. Bringing new product successfully to the market is a challenging task for all the organizations, and it is very difficult to justify why some product succeed and why most others fail. The impact of product innovation on organizations performance can be adapted towards firm's organizational structure by identifying opportunities and Threats in the market for the respective product category. By adopting innovation over time firms adjust their external and internal functions and then the organizations can operate effectively to maintain or improve their performances, also early or be the first in the market intend to give great performance in new product launch, latest innovations absorb new and vital knowledge, and accelerate firm's chances of benefit from innovation activities over a time (Roberts and Amit, 2003) . Although product innovation is opening up new venue get the completive advantage, innovation is a risky and costly affair as it success is not guaranteed, Objective of the study 1. To find out factors affecting the customer experience and innovative products. 2. To identify level of customer involvement to develop an innovative product 3. To find out the relationship between customer experiences, customer involvement, development of an innovative product and impact on Organization performance. The finding of this study will benefit mainly ABC Group and the apparel industry as a whole, especially the Sri Lankan apparel sector, where value-adding plays a major role in retaining the business while Abstract: The purpose of this research study is to analysis customer experience, customer involvement in developing an innovative product and its impact on performance of the organization. Researcher aims to investigate whether the apparel industry believes there is a need for great customer experience and involvement, and to find out perceptions of the professionals in the industry have towards developing an innovative product and what impact these factors can create to the performance of the organization. A questionnaire was sent to12 apparel brands Employees covering merchandising, Product development, Designing, Research and innovation, Business development and marketing. The results of the study indicated that they believe in customer experience and involvement in an early stage of product development process. Also examined factors such as Customer experience, Customer involvement, develop an innovative product and firm's employee creativity make an impact to performance of the organization. | Vol. 03 | Issue 11 | 2017 | 8 | competing with countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Mainly firm owners or shareholders get the opportunity of analyzing the revenue generate trough new product innovation, this lead them to identify whether the correct strategies have been implemented and what directions the company management focus on. And the firm's management, especially decision makers and senior managers who are in the front and operational level of the business can set goal towards achieving financial objective, and middle managers, Product inventors, designers, product developers, development and bulk merchandisers get the benefit of enhancing the knowledge on new technologies, Further customers Suppliers who work as technology providers get the opportunity of getting involve and experience new clothing products which give a solution to their requirements and expectations. Literature review Customer Experiences Retain in the current economic situation and competitive retail market requires something more than the low price for innovative products to compete. Organizations should focus on customer's experience, and managing the customer's experiences not only a retailer's role but also the manufacturers must understand what is it really means to them. Customer experience should include all the stages where the customer links with the business, product and services (Grewalet al., 2009). Social environment: Is a key factor for customer experience, at any given time there are many customers in a store environment continuously and each of these customers can make an impact to each other, as an example if one customer demanding attention from sales assistant in the retail environment that can make an impact to another customer who also wants the attention at the same time. And further customers very frequently visit the retail environment with their family and friends. This can make an impact on other customers on the retail floor. Researchers and market analysts shall understand interaction between customers can create an intense impact on service experience (Baron et al.,1996) . Self-Technology: plays an important role in the shopping experience, it is crucial to analysis the impact it can create on customer experience. Using this technology interaction in a retail environment will emerge to a new level in technology enabled shopping mode e.g.: retailing online and self-service checkout counters. Also, these respondents are believing in technology as (Parasuraman., 2000) . suggested a -pyramid model‖ in services marketing that expands into two-dimensional triangle in the traditional -triangle model‖, this representing company to employee, company to customer, and customer interactions with employee into a three-dimensional effect pyramid with -technology‖ in this method reflect that the interactions among companies, customers and employees greatly connect with some form of technology. Store Brand: Next important thing is to understand what method the customer experience can be created through Branding, what is important here is consider the link between branding with customer experience. Customers visit a retail market with the idea of two main brands in mind: the retail brand (e.g., Macy's, Victoria's Secret, Best Buy, Wal-Mart,) and the service or manufacturer brand (e.g. Tide, Ralph Lauren, Dell, private label brand). Therefore, it is vital to understand the interaction which brands create with the respective customer experience (Verhoef et al., 2009) . Customer experience dynamics: And the other very important area is to understand customer experience dynamics because customer experience is not only limited interaction of relevant product or service itself. Further, it is a series of experiences that develop over a time period, which includes search, purchase, consumption and after-sales service experience (Neslin et al. 2006) . Customer current or previous experience can make a big impact on the performance of any organization. Mittal et al., (2005) reveal that most efficient company with a satisfied customers base win over the competition Customer experience management strategies: are focuses on the ways which customer's experience enhance the value to the consumer and the retailer. In Customer experience management, it focuses on current experience of the customer and that is why it is separated from the customer relationship management, further it is not focusing on customer history with the firm. In the literature relating to management, Pine and Gilmore (1999) recognized, organizations which focus mainly on customer experience, can apply strategies based on service level, and product prices are no longer sufficient in the current competitive market. However, available evidence which directly supporting this theory is limited. Most of the marketing strategy related research emphasis on organization with a revenue and giving priority for customer satisfaction with customer loyalty, always get the optimum performance (Moorman and Dickson 2002).