Designing optimized nano textures for thin-film silicon solar cells

Klaus Jäger, Marinus Fischer, René A.C.M.M. van Swaaij, Miro Zeman
2013 Optics Express  
Thin-film silicon solar cells (TFSSC), which can be manufactured from abundant materials solely, contain nano-textured interfaces that scatter the incident light. We present an approximate very fast algorithm that allows optimizing the surface morphology of two-dimensional nanotextured interfaces. Optimized nano-textures scatter the light incident on the solar cell stronger leading to a higher short-circuit current density and thus efficiency. Our algorithm combines a recently developed
more » ... y developed scattering model based on the scalar scattering theory, the Perlin-noise algorithm to generate the nano textures and the simulated annealing algorithm as optimization tool. The results presented in this letter allow to push the efficiency of TFSSC towards their theoretical limit.
doi:10.1364/oe.21.00a656 pmid:24104492 fatcat:7qkqmbokbraidciha224h5qc3u