Study of Etiology, Clinical Profile and Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in Medical Intensive Care Unit

Md Yousuf Khan, P Deepak, A Praveen Kumar, Krishna Kumar
2017 International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research   unpublished
AKI complicates 5-7% of acute care hospital admissions and up to 30% of admissions to the intensive care unit and is a major medical complication in the developing world. Objectives: To study etiology, clinical profile and outcome of AKI in medical ICU. Material and Methods: Cross sectional observational study included 50 patients with AKI, a thorough case history, physical examination, routine and specific lab investigations were done to find out the underlying etiology, clinical features and
more » ... nical features and outcome of AKI. Results: Maximum incidence (22%) of AKI was seen in the age group between 25-30 years. The most common clinical features were vomiting (92%), oliguria (80%), fatigue (72%), fever (70%). The incidence of prerenal, renal and postrenal AKI was 20% 76%, 4% respectively, Malaria(24%) was the predominant cause of AKI in our study. In our study mortality was seen in 10% of the patients, of which most of the patients had septicemia and associated complications like respiratory failure. Conclusion: Early diagnosis and early intervention were probably responsible for good survival rate