The Effect of Microwave on the Cellular DifferentiationBacillus SubtilisYB 886 and REC Derivatives YB 886 A4

Birol Otludil, Birgül Otludil, V. Tolan, H. Akbayın
2004 Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment  
This study was carried out to investigate effects of microwave irradiation on cell differentiation and SOS repair system in Bacillus subtilis rec+ YB 886 and rec derivatives YB 886 rec A4. Amount of a specific protein that shynthesed during DNA damage by SOS repair system and binding to din C promoter region increased by microwave irradiation in rec+ bacteria. More increasing were determined in amount of the specific protein during Ultraviolet treatment. If amount of DNA, protein and RNA are
more » ... en into consideration, it has observed that amount of DNA decreased (P>0.05) but not statically significant, amount of protein decreased (p<0.05) and a little increasing, (P>0.05) in amount of RNA may be due to structural deformation.
doi:10.1080/13102818.2004.10817129 fatcat:u6ncg4churdybiib7huuegaizu