Experimental and Artificial Neural Network Modeling of a Upflow Anaerobic Contactor (UAC) for Biogas Production from Vinasse

Ousman R. Dibaba, Sandip K. Lahiri, Stephan T'Jonck, Abhishek Dutta
2016 International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering  
A pilot scale Upflow Anaerobic Contactor (UAC), based on upflow sludge blanket principle, was designed to treat vinasse waste obtained from beet molasses fermentation. An assessment of the anaerobic digestion of vinasse was carried out for the production of biogas as a source of energy. Average Organic loading rate (OLR) was around 7.5 gCOD/m
doi:10.1515/ijcre-2016-0025 fatcat:fveberumgzb65k3zfv5b5myoqu